Combining the mechanical effects of vacuum massage with the properties of the essential oils, EFFILINE offers efficient, comfortable and unique treatments of the dermis and the hypoderm.

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The technique ...
The application of the treatment heads enables to form a skin fold by suction.
… and its benefits
Moving the heads on the body causes several physiological effects, especially for cosmetic treatments, referring to the general circulatory phenomena in the superficial dermis: defibrosing , drainage, reflex effect , relaxation and anti-stress

 The device:
EFFILINE proposes free or pre set programmes; a continuous or pulse use, to a vacuum level ranging from 50 to 800 mbar.
Continuous mode / Pulse mode:
Frequencies= 0,5 Hz / 0,7 Hz / 1 Hz / 2,5 Hz.


The use of the essential oil:
The sole and only device on the market to offer a new system (patented) which releases the mist of a synergy of essential oils through the roller head during “rolling massage” treatment.
This enables to combine the mechanical and defibrosing effects of vacuum massage with the slimming agents from the synergy of essential oils.
The essential oils penetrate the circulation, stimulate the nervous system and therefore the body self-regulation. These combined actions will drain the fluids more easily, thus eliminating faster and more efficiently toxins into the lymphatic system, and also accelerating results on cellulite thanks to a unique formulation combining the slimming and toning agents of the skin.

Combining aromatherapy with anti-cellulite treatment creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation never met before by any vacuum massage device.
Finally, through the mist of essential oils, the skin is hydrated and regains its natural elasticity, it is toned and satin.

Why EFFILINE is unique? : the variety of the treatments and the essential oil.
Slimming and vascularisation: saddle bag, abdomen, buttock, thighs.
Body Drainage: abdomen, legs, thighs, buttock
Ridoplastie: treats the skin aging on the face and the neck
Scars treatment