Pressure therapy is an aesthetic drainage which encourages the transfer of the lymph to the venous system. EFFIDRAIN makes a drainage similar to that produced manually, thanks to the VODDER technique.

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EFFIDRAIN proposes several programmes :
Programme 1 - It is the standard programme. It uses the sequential pressure technique from the distal to the proximal. The session time, inflating duration of the cell and the applied pressure can be adjusted. Each cell is inflated cyclically, provoking a regular wave of pressure along the limb.

Programmes 2 to 6 : They represent each phase of the Vodder technique. Very close to a real manual lymphatic drainage, this technique is based on the principle of drainage according to the Vodder technique: a pressure is applied sequentially on each cell with vacuum sessions which provokes a pumping effect. 

Three phases follow one another automatically. They correspond to the phases of the Vodder drainage: pulling, sensing, pressing.

*Programme 2: legs

*Programme 3: leg and stomach

*Programme 4: pulling for legs

*Programme 5: sensing for legs

*Programme 6: pressing for legs


Programme 7: progressive pressure, cells inflate from the distal to the proximal. When cell N°10 is inflated, all the cells are under the referred pressure. Then they all deflate before the launch of sequency.


Programme 8: progressive and decreasing pressure: same as programme 7, except for deflation which operates from the distal to the proximal.


Programme 9: progressive pressure and deflation.


Programme 10: sequential drainage by maintaining 3 cells under pressure.


It is possible to unselect some cells (in case of varicose veins, person of small height ...)



*Sequential pressure supplied by 20 independent microprocessors: 10 alveoli per boot.

*Inflating time of an alveolus: 10 seconds, adjustable from 4 to 15 seconds to optimize the drainage according to the leg's size.

*Possibility to disconnect one alveolus or more when the client has a lesion that must not be touched.

Number of outputs: 3

Standard accessories provided: 1 pair of boots and an abdominal belt.

Pressure: adjustable from 0 to 200 mbar (continuously) with permament display, regulated by an incorporated pressur sensor.


Inflating elements:

Boots, abdominal belt are adjustable to any person, whatever the size or diameter of his/her limbs (boots extension are provided). Each inflating elements is divided into 10 cells of same dimension, and manufactured in 2 parts.

The interior is in stretchable nylon for perfect "moulding" around the limb.

The exterior is in polyethylene that is resistant and supple but does not deform, eliminating the frequent "rubber ring" phenomenon.


Accessories : boots extension, sleeves for the arm.

Consumables related to the devices :
Transparent inner boots: They must be used every time:

>they guaranty hygiene,

>they enable the use of active gels, without dirtying the inside of the boots,

>they must be thrown after use.


EFFIBROMINE heavy legs gel:
With a view to get even better results from EFFIDRAIN, we advise the use of EFFIBROMINE heavy legs gel on the limbs.
The essential oils from cypress, vegetal extract from horsetail and mint bring a soothing and draining effect, while the cool effect brings a real well being sensation.
Available in tube of 250ml.