Slimming, Remodeling and Firming in a unique sensation of well being.

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The mechanical effects of vacuum offer efficient, comfortable and unique treatment of the dermis and the hypoderm.


The technique...

The application of the treatment head massage enables to form a skin fold by suction.

...and its benefits

Moving the heads on the body causes several physiological effects, especially for cosmetic treatments, referring to the general circulatory phenomena in the superficial dermis: defibrosing, drainage, reflex effect, relaxation and anti stress.


The device :

Dynaderm proposes free or pre set programmed works; a continuous or pulse use, to a vacuum level ranging from 50 to 800 mbar.

Continous mode / Pulse mode frequencies: 0.5Hz / 0.7 Hz / 1 Hz / 2.5 Hz.